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Scope of Work

The overall objective of the project is to take the following steps in the assessment of fire and gas explosions in FPSO installations

Action analysis
Establish the procedures for the definition of design actions which will be based on Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations.

Consequence analysis
Establish the procedures, with the modern nonlinear finite element methods, for the consequence analysis of the following:

  • Topside structures
  • Fire and blast resisting walls and partitions
  • Process equipment and equipment supports


Risk assessment
Establish the risk assessment procedures in association with critical (design) scenarios for gas explosion and fire events in FPSO installations.

Acceptance criteria development
Establish design principles and guidelines in association with acceptance criteria used for practical design of FPSO topsides.

Note: In the context of the risk assessment, it is important to realize that identification of realistic scenarios for gas explosion and fire events together with selection/definition of design actions will significantly affect the resulting levels of risk.



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