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Objectives and Motivation

Due to the hazardous nature of hydrocarbon explosions and fires in FPSO installations, serious consequences can result, because such accidents involve extreme explosion actions and heat significantly affecting health, safety and the environment around the installations.

To develop proactive measures to prevent escalation of such accidents, a detailed knowledge regarding the phenomena and consequences is essentially required, and adequate guidelines for risk assessment and management must be established.

Although during the last decade core technologies useful for the analyses of actions and consequences in conjunction with gas explosions and fire have been developed in the academic literature, there are no integrated procedures and guidelines documented for the risk assessment of FPSO installations against such accidents. In fact, the related methodologies and acceptance criteria applied for certain projects are contractor-dependent, and subsequently risk management adopted for individual explosion and fire events is often inconsistent.

The aim of the present Joint Industry Project (JIP) is to bridge existing gaps between academic researches and practising engineers, and to develop pertinent guidelines for risk assessment of FPSO installations with the focus on topsides and equipment under gas explosions and fire events in a consistent and more refined manner.



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