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"Without innovation, the long-term prospects of most companies are likely to be severely limited. ... On pure cost, only one company can be the cheapest. But by finding new means and ideas companies become better differentiated and move into delivering higher added-value products and services."
Digby Jones, Director General - UK Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

"Innovation is viewed as a multi-dimensional concept, which goes beyond technological innovation to encompass, for example, new means of distribution, marketing or design. Innovation is thus not only limited to high tech sectors of the economy, but rather an omnipresent driver for growth."
Erkki Liikanen, EU Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society

How to realise innovation

It is simply not enough to generate ideas. Firms must also manage their ideas, effectively capturing the outputs of creativity, putting them into context, prioritising those to be taken forward, then ensuring that they are adequately financed, resourced and exploited.

European studies show that a large number of firms cite the inaccessibility of finance and the lack of visibility of potential technology solutions as the main obstacles to innovation.


Our mission is to provide technological support and knowledge based engineering services to our clients in their innovative work.
Dr. Jurek Czujko
CEO, Nowatec AS


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