Marina Behaviour on Waves

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Multidisciplinary Analyses

Nowatec services include coupled-field and multi-physics analyses that take into account interactions between two or more disciplines of engineering e.g. thermal-stress analysis or fluid -structure interaction simulations.

An example of multidisciplinary services offered by Nowatec is the design of a new concept of marina. The service is currently under intensive development, involving both structural and material innovative solutions.

Marina Structures

Design and optimization of marina structures depends on good information about motion response and structural forces arising due to waves and wind acting on the installation. This is specially important for coastal areas exposed to large waves and strong wind. Therefore, specific site dependent environmental conditions are accounted for in marina projects.

Nowatec carry out feasibility studies to develop new concepts of marina structures. This involves development of complex models of multi-body thin walled pontoons. These models allow for simulation of motion response on regular and irregular waves. Our models also enable calculation of forces acting on marina structures, pontoon connections and mooring systems.

The new concept of marina design also involves application of innovative, non-corrosive reinforcements for its concrete structure.


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