Explosion response simulation of offshore platform escape tunnel

Simulation of car crash with road sign

Simulation of plane crash with airport tower

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Hydrocarbon and HE explosions - structural response

The prediction of structural behaviour and performance under explosions and fires is extremely complicated from a computational point of view and normally a challenge for structural engineers. Nowatec have extensive capabilities in performing modelling and simulations in the design process of structures subjected to explosions and fires.



Car Crash Simulations

Normally, it is very difficult to predict the strength and behaviour of structures subjected to impacts. Such situations occur for example during a boat impact on an offshore installation or a vehicle impact during road accidents. Structural behaviour during short time accidental impacts depends on the velocity and mass of the impactors and the behaviour of materials under high strain rate responses.

In order to take full account of these phenomena Nowatec use explicit computer codes that allow for the structural and material modelling necessary in the accurate prediction of structural behaviour during impact. We offer our clients numerical crash simulations, which are based on sophisticated models that in many cases can be a substitute to expensive full scale experiments.




Aeroplane Crash Simulations

Constantly growing worldwide air traffic brings in return rising problems with aviation safety. Research shows that the most hazardous phase during the flight is the take off and landing of a plane. Therefore, in response to growing demand on safe siting navigation aids, Nowatec carry out numerical tests of equipment and structures, which are potentially hazardous for planes. Simulations are fully consistent with the Aerodrome Design Manual standard, published by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Static and dynamic analyses help find solutions which meet either of the two completely different demands. Nowatec perform tests of these structures according to the standard using comprehensive FE codes. Computational simulations allow us to test many varying models in the planning phase and establish the right path of project development for clients.


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