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Nowatec - an engineering partner for high performance structural products

Manufacturers of structural products need to meet tight development schedules and budgets while proposing innovative solutions for the future. To remain competitive and profitable, they need to create a continuous stream of new products. Engineering departments now more than ever are challenged with adapting the functional performance characteristics of their new designs in order to deliver the values that support their market positions.

Nowatec deliver a unique combination of virtual simulation projects and high technology engineering services. We are focused on projects aiming at structural integrity, system dynamics, safety and reliability. We have the experience, unique competencies and award-winning solutions that enable innovative engineering – one that supports manufacturers in the race to get products out right the first time. The pay-offs are dramatically shortened cycle times, superior products that excite the customers, as well as reduced development costs and risks.

Through our technology, software and human resources, Nowatec have become the partner of choice for companies in the offshore and onshore manufacturing industries.

Safety engineering, saving lives and costs

Nowatec is the recognized leader in virtual prototype simulation for critical performance disciplines such as structural integrity and safety, fatigue and durability. Our integrated solutions enable engineers to accurately simulate and refine structural design long before prototype testing. 

Nowatec work with customers to solve their most critical problems, optimize their development processes, or co-develop their products. Our unique combination of know-how and engineering experience turns attribute engineering into a strategic competitive advantage.


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